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Empower network is a BADASS platform ;) to Make Serious Money Online and the perfect tool too sell any kind of product doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer or you’re selling your own products or if you’re doing any kind of multilevel marketing. Empower Network as being designed to Empower any kind of business online

But Don’t take my word listen to the co-founders they will explain you exactly what it is just watch the video

We’ve built our entire marketing system around a ‘plug and play’ process that members can use to generate 100% commissions into their bank account, instantly. Essentially, our members main responsibility is to implement the simple training we teach them in the core checklist training section in our state of the art members area. We take care of the lead and sales conversions, training and education part of your business so you don’t have to.

Our members get a cutting edge business and marketing education and can leverage our compelling and proven sales process to earn a life changing income.

We’ve solved every problem marketers and online entrepreneurs face. We’ve put the pieces in place for our members to leverage our marketing, sales and influence skills to grow their business …and their income.

Essentially, you can make ‘guru’ money …without being a ‘guru’.

Our members can access their leads and team data, and use Empower Network as a vehicle to build whatever business they want on the back end. Empower Network is the perfect affiliate markeitng system to grow a network marketing or online business, fast, and will allow you to quickly and efficiently learn the skills you need, minus the fluff …and earn large 100% commissions to fund your lifestyle or business ventures.


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What I Have to do first and then?

It’s a lot of information out there, but the first thing that I highly recommend you is First, from all the Gurus, news letters, experts or mentors that you’re following choose just one or two of them. I know that you’re thinking why I should do that if the information is great

well the reason why I’m recommend you to do that is because as you’re subscribed to all this news letters you are always receiving information  from too many different sources, and instead of learn something from someone in specific you’re receiving to many different ways to start or growing your business and the result of this can be the frustration, little or not results, confusion, fear.

And you will get this rsults not because the information is bad, but because you’re not FOCUS, as you’re receiving so much information you have a lot distractions that consume your time and energy, and remember “To Much Analysis Causes Paralysis”

Watch, Learn and ACTION!

Be Action. The big problem when you are brand new on this industry is that you don’t know, who you want to follow because almost all the information is great, but to solve this I recommend you “Do a Research About The People That You’re  Considering to follow,” but you need to choose one or two that’s it, Focus and do what they say and put it on action

I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been stock for almost 2 years only consuming information and never passing to the action. That’s why when one of my mentors told me “You need to choose ONE or TWO mentors to follow that’s it.. and it doesn’t matter if you have to kick me out. Just DO IT because I know is gonna help You! truss me…”

And I did it — I chose only two.. if you’re guessing,, No I din’t take him out He is one of my two mentors “well one of my 3 three and I’ll tell you later why I do have three mentors” and I’m not breaking the rules believe me ;)

Why Do I Need a Mentor To Follow?

Just for ONE BIG REASON: ” They have the experience that you need to get the results you want.” It’s that simple they have the experience the only thing you have to do is listen, learn, and put it on action.

It’s simple and a lot more easy when you only have two sources of quality information because in this way. You will know what to do and you know that it WORKS, that why if you want to start a business online you need to have a MENTOR

In my case I’m following three, let me explain this to you. One of the mentors that I chose is   Eben Pegan this guy has a tremendous success online and he inspired me because when he first started the only thing he has it was hes computer.

And the second one IS DOUBLE because they’re business partners (That’s why I got three) David wood and David Sharpe they are my mentors in my Business Empower Network. What it’s amazing of this guys is that they stared their businesses from the scratch almost from a homeless lifestyle and today they payed out more than six millions of dollars in commissions in seven months, WOW!

So, this guys already have the knowledge that I need. All I’m doing is follow them and doing what they says to get the same results they have.

Start a business online is 100% possible all you need is a Mentor, a System and the Map to GET THERE.

Santiago Ch.

How to manage my time better?


You have to take control of it.

says they have “no time” that’s only excuses — everyone has the same amount of time, it just depends whether you spend it or invest it. You can waste your time or invest your time

wasting or spending time is watching TV. Investing time is reading a book that will help you to get better every day and will expand your knowledge. The majority of people spend their time , when they should be investing it

Is really important to invest the time in the best way possible because the time is the only resource that we can’t never get back. Think about it if you’re spending the time today where you will be tomorrow?

If your spend money, you can have it back easy, but if your spend the whole day doing nothing or just watching TV. Guess what’s gonna happen?… you never gonna have that time back and is gonna bee hard for you, to  reach your goals and live your dreams

Remember if you’re suffering of lack of time, is not because you don’t have it, is simply because you are not taking control of it

Here is two things that you can do every day to invest your time better

1.  Make a list before sleep. write a ‘to do list’ of 10 important things that you have to do at the next day. This will help you to keep you focus on get those points done and will make you more productive

2. Read every day. Read a book or article about your passion or things that you love to do, that will help you to think different and become a better person, and I’m sure if you 15 days every day you will become an amazing human being in the next 6 months (personally I read the bible and the results are amazing)

3. Listen audios every day. Listen audios from successful people every that will expand your knowledge in a surprising way and will help you to keep yourself always optimistic

Just follow this 3 points or at least 2 and you will see a huge change in the way you invest your time. Is simple to manage your time better, all you need to do is practice every day until you see and live the results that you’ are waiting for

Sincerely Santiago Chagala
Empower Network The Great Veicle To Achieve Financial Freedom!



Money is on the List


Wait … correction …

The REAL money is in a highly targeted list and hyper-responsive!

This applies to ANY niche market , not just Internet marketing . In fact, you can apply as there are people with money to spend on something specific.

So, in this case, your autoresponder will be your number one tool of profit.

If you have a subscription box placed on your Web site , etc.. to get the addresses of its visitors, is losing money!

If you could give one advice, the following would be better for all his riches:

Sea activities regardless Marketing you from exercising, find each and every opportunity you have to capture subscribers to your opt-in list

  • In any kind of advertising you do.
  • In any project of traffic it generates.
  • In any discussion forum.
  • In any article you write.
  • In any e-mail you send.
  • In any report you give away.
  • In any product that you create.
  • In any business card you have.
  • In its home page sales .
  • In the incoming pages.
  • In exit pages (ex: Pop-ups).
  • And the list goes on …

Basically, anywhere that you think is an appropriate place to encourage people to subscribe to your list, you must take this into account.

There are a variety of quick ways to capture the interest of the policyholders:

Pop ups, pop unders, etc.. These can be generated by software autoresponders or you can use a software that create pop-ups.

Insert the subscription box directly on a page straight answer. Again, your autoresponders software should generate code to do this. You will have a code that will generate the subscription form with the HTML code to paste into your Web page.
Create a text link: it could be an address where you can click that sends a subscription request your autoresponder, or could attach a page that has a form inserted for handling high.

Sincerely Santiago Chagala
Empower Network The Great Veicle To Achieve Financial Freedom!

Become a Media Outlet


Years ago, while still not known or was not what today is the Web 2.0 where there is now collective collaboration and a vision of doing business entirely distinct from that time, there was a mentality of “territorial”, so to speak so ie, you had your Web site and that was your territory and you kept to anyone entering it and neither do you came out of there.

Today, the game changed all the rules have been modified and no longer just enough for you to publish your content on your website or blog.

Today, you must become a means of communication, you must distribute your content across the network so as to be able to reach as many people as possible and is interested in the subject in which you focus you.

How to get to as many people and who are interested in my products or services?

If that’s your question, I am very happy because it is just to explain what I will now.

Personally I would set two major phases to achieve this goal:

STEP 1: Create a group of allies that are in your same niche .

This concept is very powerful and I want to capsize all your attention to it because if you make proper use of its huge potential can generate a revolution in your business at a time for you only, NEVER have been possible to achieve.

Basically what you have to contact and then build relationships with companies or entrepreneurs who are already positioned in the market and offer your help, help that should benefit them, and an important way. If you can truly provide them with value and demonstrate a proactive attitude, they also gain access to help.

Can you imagine that instead of just posting to your Web site will also give your allies a space to publish their own and to achieve exposure to a number of people many times?
Besides, what happens when you’re connected with people who already have recognition in a certain niche, they’ll basically you are transferring the trust and confidence in them and enjoy.

Do you see the power that the partnership strategy?

Believe me … worth a try!

PHASE 2: Publish content to multiple platforms.

Fortunately, today accounts with advanced technology that the Internet gives you and that makes this task very simple, and in most cases fully automatically realizable.

Web 2.0 brings integrated tools like RSS that let the automatic publication of content on different platforms without having to make any additional effort to fitting the structure once.

I give a simple example:

You can publish an article on your site and also be published in some other complementary blog you have, do so in addition to social networks like Twitter , Facebook , etc., etc. and all this without you move a finger then you have configured the tools once.

Generating content for videos.

Creating videos you can post videos to multiple directories at once from a single application, for this you can use a tool like Tubemogul to automate the process.

Additionally you can convert them to audio and publish directories of podcasts and going even beyond the can transcribe and publish them to article directories. After this process … Do you see how many publications have the same video?

If you do this you will fly all over the net, within your niche market, and be recognized as an expert in your niche and this will result in a number of benefits for your business: positioning, traffic , credibility, and all above, together with your ultimate goal and foremost: The sales .

Anyway, I think I’ve given you a wide overview of the new way of doing business online

Before I go if I would tell you something else.

If you understand the value of what I share with you in this article, I feel very happy, but also  ”If you put it into practice”, that’s when I truly consider my work has paid off.

All these techniques are effective for you and for anyone in the same measure in which put into practice, so … let me emphasize this concept:

Assimilate this new vision of your business and focus as a means of communication and not as an isolated entity.

Sincerely Santiago Chagala
Empower Network The Great Veicle To Achieve Financial Freedom!


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